Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 St.Mary's former principal Sister Harrriett's introduced the Vitrus workshop. Sister Harriett's work shop was mad up of films and discussions, these film that we watched made a huge impact on me. It was very disturbing  to hear that children were being sexual abused. Their stories were very graphic, and emotions were present as they told their stories they were very hard for me to listen to. It honestly made me upset that individuals would be treated the way these people were treated, and all the suffering that they have to put up with. When the two male abusers talked in the video and told the viewers their tricks that they had to get the children comfortable around them and how they didn't show any remorse was very disturbing and made me uncomfortable. However, it was important to hear and watch this video along with discussing it in class because it is common and happens all throughout the world. It is important to be able to detect situations like these because it could very well have tremendous negative impact on someones life and its wrong. Sister Harriett made it clear that if I need to call someone do not call the police because then they ask for your name, call the hotline so you remain unanimous. The hotline will call social services and the social workers will investigate and take it from there. If you do not report these types of situations problems may occur such as the Syracuse and Penn State incident.When people do not take action they leave opportunities and do not fulfill their job requirements which can lead to innocent children being abused. Overall, this workshop has  opened my eyes and has changed the way i view people at a park or in a enclosed environment I know now to always keep a eye open to anything suspicious that may occur.      

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Being physically active has many advantages to it, you become well aware of your environment or surroundings, and live a healthy lifestyle through the process of being active. In physical activity participation the students are introduced to everyday obstacles and are constantly learning more and more. This helps prepare them when being in other classes for example, lets say today your teaching the class how to play a car game and in this game you are yelling "road terms". Every term that is used will relate to the real world, and especially when it comes time for the children to start driving they will already know the terms. The way I see "physical", is it being a great influence on students by allowing them to build the knowledge needed through the process of having fun.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012


After lab1 I'm very excited to go back to St. Mary's and to see all the students again and to get more involved in the games and to lead some of the activities. I had fun playing tag, never realized how much the kids like to play tag and hula hoop. Its much different than what I thought it would be, this atmosphere is full of such large amounts of energy. This is also a new experience for me and in a good way very nerve wrecking because I want only to become the best teacher I can. I've always been a little nervous when leading the group because I'm afraid of doing something wrong or just not explaining the material/activities thoroughly. I'm hoping this class will make me more comfortable in front of the group, and if anyone has any opinion or suggestions message me. However, the interaction with the children was great and I'm looking forward for this Wednesday. LAB1

Friday, January 20, 2012

my reaction to blogging

Blogging in my opinion, is a very good way to become connected to many resource all throughout the world. If the site is properly taken advantage of, as i spend these few moments going through this site I have already begun to realize how useful it can be. It allows you to explore others, different ideas,and many other things that may help build knowledge. It also allows your hard work and dedication to be put out there, so that many people in the social network are allowed to see it.This will give a great advantage to those who work hard, and also land many jobs.